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Ghost Towns, California
Here is Randsburg, living ghost town in California
4 min - Mar 14, 2009 - Uploaded by milyjarko
Randsburg is located on the western Mojave Desert, California. It is a living ghost town with history of gold mining. Today ...
Ghost Town: Bodie, CA Part 1 of 2
9 min - Jun 4, 2009 - Uploaded by StephenWorth
Here is a documentary from the mid-1950s about the ghost town of Bodie, CA. Beautiful B&W photography and interesting ...
Ghost Towns and Death Valley
9 min - Feb 25, 2007 - Uploaded by manhattan77
haunting images of ghost town Rhyolite and Gold King Mine museum near Jerome plus a trip to Death Valley. Note: I had to ...
USA - Calico Ghost Town, California - Impressionen ...
4 min - Nov 13, 2008 - Uploaded by MISCHNIde
USA - Calico Ghost Town, California - Impressionen in Bilder und Ton - Infos in deutsch im Abspann - die Geisterstadt ...
Ghost Town outside of Nipton, California part 2
1 min - May 7, 2009 - Uploaded by jeffthedoc
Come see the last remaining buildings standing of this once thriving area before they to are gone for ever
Auto Draw 2: Bodie Ghost Town, Bodie, California
45 sec - Mar 29, 2010 - Uploaded by johnb000 Bodie Ghost Town, Bodie, California preserved town state california ghost sierra towns mining west ...
Ghost Town, Bodie
8 min - Sep 4, 2008 - Uploaded by AntAtoll
The town of Bodie rose to prominence with the decline of mining along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Prospectors ...
Bodie California Ghost Town July 24, 2010
3 min - Jan 25, 2011 - Uploaded by blakemackenzie1
Bodie California is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the West. Built on the quest for gold, Bodie became a mining queen of ...
Bodie Ghost Town California
5 min - Aug 24, 2009 - Uploaded by PostcardJourneys

Bodie Ghost Town - "A Ghost Town that Lives on
W.S. Bodie discovered gold here back in 1859. Unfortunately he died in a snow storm that winter and never saw the town that took on his name. Over the years, Bodie has seen numerous booms...and busts. There were some huge gold strikes here and, at one point, the town had nearly 10,000 residents. By 1882 though, the big strikes were mostly history and the folks began to go elsewhere.
Today Bodie is one of the largest and best preserved ghost towns in the West. Over 170 buildings remain and what the California Department of Parks and Recreations calls a state of "arrested decay." It is, without a doubt, a photographer's paradise. History buffs and fans of the old West will find walking through Bodie a remarkable experience".

Calico Ghost Town - More than a century ago, the town of Calico was bustling with prospectors. Founded in March 1881, it grew to a population of 1,200 with 22 saloons and more than 500 mines. Silver was king, and the Calico Mining District became one of the richest in California, producing $86 million in silver, $45 million in borax and, of course, gold. After 1907, when silver prices dropped and borax mining moved to Death Valley, Calico became a ghost town".
Cerro Gordo Ghost Town - Cerro Gordo, Spanish for "Fat Hill" ,was a silver mining city high in the Inyo Mountains of Owens Valley. Cerro Gordo's major development took place in the early 1870s primarily by Mortimer Belshaw and Victor Beaudry. By 1872, the town was producing 100 to 150 83-pound bars of silver- lead each day. These bars, called "loaves" because of their resemblance to loaves of bread, were shipped in huge wagons to the nearest ocean port city, which happened to be Los Angeles.
1870s silver mining town. A number of buildings are still standing.
Chrysopolis Ghost Town - Chrysopolis, along with the nearby townsite of Black Rock, came into being as among the earliest of eastern California's Owens Valley settlements in 1863. Chrysopolis, as well as contemporaries San Carlos and Bend City, sprung up on the arid and wild eastern side of the Owens Valley, nestled among the footwall of the imposing Inyo Range. The town briefly flourished, but soon dwindled due to isolation and constant Indian troubles until Fort Independence was established.
Death Valley Ghost Towns -  Overview of several ghost towns in and around Death Valley.
Locke - Ghost town in the Sacramento River delta. - "Locke was founded in 1915 after a fire broke out in the Chinese section of nearby Walnut Grove. The Chinese who lived in that area decided that it was time to establish a town of their own. A committee of Chinese merchants, led by Lee Bing, was formed. They approached land owner George Locke and inquired if they could build on his land. An agreement was reached. The town was laid out by Chinese architects and industrious building ensued. The founding of Lockeport, later 'Locke', was a reality".
Montgomery City - "California's Mono County contains a generous number of ghost towns, including the premiere ghost town of Bodie. But only 41 air miles southeast of Bodie lays a ghostly site that is, for the most part forgotten, a town that was a contemporary of Bodie's earliest days. That site is Montgomery City".
Pollardville - 10464 N. Hwy 99 - Stockton, CA - Tel:(209)931-0272 - "Pollardville is a combination 1800's ghost town and museum. Open to the public, it includes the entire set from the 1957 film THE BIG COUNTRY and many historic buildings from California's Gold Country.  With guided tours, train rides and fishing for the children, Pollardville is a great place for family fun".
Skidoo - Western Death Valley National Park - Inyo County
NE of Ridgecrest East of Hwy.395, just off Hwy.190, via Wildrose Rd. to Skidoo turn off.
Chloride City - In Death Valley - The history of this area goes back to 1871 when A. J. Franklin discovered silver ore. Legend has it that he picked up a rock to kill a rattlesnake and found the silver. In 1873 Franklin shut his mine down due to the expense of transporting the ore out of the area.
Leadfield - The ghost town of Leadfield was the most recent arrival in the list of Death Valley ghost towns. It is also the most controversial of the area ghost towns. The town boomed from 1926-1927.
Rhyolite - "This is a ghost town located on the east side of Death Valley National Park. The road to the site is paved and interpretive signs show visitors what the town used to look like. Many of the old buildings are in poor condition and bricks of some structures are perilously close to falling. Stay away from the buildings when visiting this site". Once the biggest town in Death Valley.

Ghost Towns & Mining Camps - "Its fun to explore old Ghost Towns, to discover the strange machines and neat relics left behind, peer into an old mine shaft, reflect about the people who lived there, pause over an old grave, or perhaps read the inscriptions on the gravemarkers and shed a tear. But please remember, when visiting Ghost Towns to leave the site as you found it for future explorers to enjoy".

Locations of Ghost Towns

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Bannack, a Ghost Town


Ghost Town Museum



Ghost town - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ghost towns are common in mining or old mill town areas: Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Minnesota, Oregon, and California in

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Sep 22, 2009 ... Of course, I couldn't visit every ghost town in California — there are hundreds — but the ones I found are a fairly representative sampling.

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Temecula Children's Museum, Old Town, Temecula, California · Temecula Duck Pond, Temecula, .... Miranda's Courtyard, Old Town, San Diego, California

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Ask students to write paragraphs answering the question "Why do some towns become ghost towns?" Related Links: Bodie Photo Album · California Gold Rush



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Sep 18, 2010 ... 2 Responses to California Ghost Towns – Grass Flat. George Hartwell | September 19, 2010 at 6:04 pm | Reply. Grass Flat is one more monument

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Some ghost towns like this one in California really live up to their name of. ... The ever-popular “Mendocini” home in this real ghost town in California

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Jul 6, 2008 ... Bodie State Historic Park in California is one of the many gold-mining ghost towns in the American West. The town of Bodie once had 10000 .

Ghost Town Montgomery City, California (DesertUSA)

California's Mono County contains a generous number of ghost towns, including the premiere ghost town of Bodie. But only 41 air miles southeast of Bodie

Ghost Towns, California – Calico « Treasure-Hunting-Information

Howdy, Treasure Hunters, we currently have 5-Calico, California, (a San Bernardino County Park), Ghost Town videos available. Enjoy


Bodie Ghost Town

6 min - Jan 24, 2009 - Uploaded by ezryder2009
California State Historical Park - Bodie

California Ghost Town: Wingo

8 min - Sep 12, 2009 - Uploaded by Amiduffer
Sonoma County is the place for a little digging into the early history of California. One, the location for the short lived Sonoma ...

Calico Ghost Town

3 min - Jan 23, 2009 - Uploaded by CaliforniaTravelTips
California travel expert Veronica Hill of tours Calico Ghost Town in this episode of "California ...

Calico Ghost Town California

3 min - Dec 30, 2007 - Uploaded by gevi24
Our visit to Calico Ghost Town nearby Barstow in California. More info on

Randsburg California ghost town ?????

3 min - Jun 11, 2010 - Uploaded by gotwofast1
Randsburg ghost town, old gold mining town from the 1800'S. Now a semi-ghost town. A part of California's history.

Silver mining in Calico Ghost Town - California

7 min - Mar 18, 2009 - Uploaded by OutdoorChannel
This is a clip from Outdoor Channel's Cowboys - exploring silver mining in the Calico Ghost Town in California. For more on ...

George4title, California Ghost Towns G4T ...

4 min - May 14, 2009 - Uploaded by george4title California's Ghost Towns A FOX 11 Investigates report. Updated: Monday, 11 May 2009, 11:08 PM PDT ...

Ghost Town outside of Nipton , California

2 min - May 7, 2009 - Uploaded by jeffthedoc
Take a tour thru some of the last buildings standing of the old west, right outside Nipton, Calif.

Gold Rush, Ghost Towns Documentary, Pt. 1

14 min - Sep 21, 2010 - Uploaded by goldhunting
Part 2: Three part series of portions of a History Channel documentary, for educational purposes. In the early ...

Bodie , Ghost Town, California

4 min - Oct 12, 2008 - Uploaded by sweetbuster1
Bodie is a ghost town east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County, California, United States. For more information ...


2 min - Mar 4, 2009 - Uploaded by BAYGUY1963
Uploaded using FlipShare.

Ghost Town « California Photo Scout

Randsburg preserves the flair of an old western town while catering to a growing crowd of tourists. The self proclaimed “Living Ghost Town” is not very

Travel California : Californian Ghost Towns

One of those things may be visits to California's various ghost towns. These towns are scattered all over the state and are places which have been abandoned

California ghost towns, from Bodie to Calico

Califoria ghost towns range from histoic Bodie to Calico, a cousin of Knotts Berry Farm.

Collection: Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places of California

Bodie ghost town, California - August 26, 2007 ... 87 photos. Shasta City State Park and Ghost Town, California - December 9, 2007

California Ghost Towns

SPE 979.404 M647 1978 CAL; Miller, Donald C.; Ghost towns of California : remnants of the ... Johnson, Robert Neil; California-Nevada ghost town atlas

Ghost Towns - Keeler California

Keeler California is a ghost town located 13 miles east from Lone Pine towards Death Valley. Arches of Alabama Hills with incredible views of the Sierra

Ghost Towns (and Historic Towns) of California: Bodie - EarthLink

This is my second booklet (and accompanying DVD slide show) on California ghost towns. The first, Ghost Towns of Death Valley, reflects the results of 7

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Reading comprehension - Bodie - Learning English with free exercises.

Ballarat: A California Ghost Town

Dec 13, 2008 ... A little known ghost town in California, Ballarat is a wonderful place to visit. Located near Death Valley, the town is situated in the

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Ghost Town Auburn California is one of the great places that holds an incredible history filled with grit, success, failure, romance,